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THANK YOU to our community for their support of Edison Local Schools!


Information for the upcoming Edison Local School District Levy

Answers to Your Questions about the 2018 Substitute Levy


Is the Substitute Emergency Levy a Renewal?

The substitute emergency levy actually replaces the original emergency levy set to expire in 2018.  It is important to remember that this renewal is not new money and therefore, will not raise your taxes!


What are the Advantages of a Substitute Emergency Levy?

This substitute emergency levy is permanent and collects additional revenue on new (homes or businesses).  The additional revenue from new construction allows for revenue growth every year by increasing the tax base.  It is important to note that this dows not increase existing taxpayers' obligation.


Have Other Districts Done This?

Approximately 20 districts in Ohio have moved forward with substitue emergency levies for three main reasons:

1. Modernize their tax structure.

2. Take full advantage of new growth.

3. Reduce the need to place levy issues on the ballot


How will the Money be Spent?

Dollars generated from the levy, which amounts to approximately 11% of the district's general fund operating revenue, will fund day-to-day operational expenses such as classroom supplies, utilities, bus fuel, technology, and personnel.


Why Now?

In May of 2013, the voters of the district passed a 7.9 mil emergency levy temporarily generating 1.76 million dollars for the district.  The current temporary emergency levy will expire on December 2018.

Without a renewal, the school district will lose 11% of its general fund revenue, used to cover critical day-to-day operations listed above.


When and Where to Vote?

Polls in Ohio open at 6:30am and close at 7:30pm on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. 

If you are unsure of your voting location you may visit:

For Registration and Absentee Ballot Information, CLICK HERE.


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